~God’s Handiwork~

Focus:  Monarch Butterfly (“sleepy transformation”, Gk.)

Here’s what got me when I began to research this wonderful part of our world:

  • they weigh less than 1/2 ounce. That is the same as a stack of 15 $1 bills.
  • the wings are made of thousands of overlapping powdery scales
  • wingspan: 4 inches (about 4  $0.25 Quarters lined up in a row)
  • special generation migration distance: 1200 to 2800 miles (Canada to Mexico)

How very remarkable that this fragile insect travels such great distances- what a tribute to ~God’s Handiwork~!  The generation I refer to here is the “Methusela Generation”, one created annually from the regular 4-6 week life span generations.  They stay on target due to an internal system that tracks the sun.

Here’s what I love- they travel up to 50 miles a day.  Let’s consider that feat for a moment.  The distance is the same as from Asheville to Dillsboro, NC.  Imagine walking a kite weighing as much as a few dollar bills from here to the Mills River in Dillsboro.  Just putting your hand out of the car window while driving will indicate some of the forces these creatures endure.

This is a faith journey; and it is a triumph.

If you want to learn more:



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