Sitting Still

I watched a “USTREAM” video of a bald eagle sitting on the nest….it was about 20 minutes in and until the mate came and traded places (when you could see the babies) it was a very uneventful video.

Or was it?

The longer I watched and observed, the more I felt connected to the eagle.  I admired its patience, just sitting there in high winds with dead future meals beside it- doing its job. It is watchful, attentive and probably a little cramped.   I wanted to cheer it on.  And of course, my mind went right to conservation.

Our voracious appetite for a fast life- without sitting- leads us to destroy too often and too much.    And for what exactly?  Our personal efficiency?  The prices for that are numerous:  increased levels of pesticides in our produce, recalled food due to disease, increases in greenhouse gases, genetically modified products, trans fats and preservatives….

This too can change.  One less trip to the fast food place, one shorter shower, one more effort to reuse and recycle…. all add up together to make our task formidable, but attainable.  We can protect things.  We can slow down and consider the world instead of ourselves.

We come here each Sunday, and together, we stop.  We sit still.  Tending our nests and hatch lings, cheering each other on.  Let that energizing time flow into your life when you are running, driving, and going fast.  Our support for each other can strengthen our resolve to avoid shortcuts.  It can be tiresome, but you can count on us– and look ahead to the next time, in a few days, we will sit still together again.


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