All of our free moments are precious these days.  (Especially if you forget to put your phone in your pocket before you step outside to fill the bird feeder—what a pleasant moment, being “out of touch” with others and in touch with your action).  I confess, I do not always follow what I recommend, I, like many of you, fail to eliminate the static around me…..but I keep trying- and that, I think is better than nothing…..OR we can DO SOMETHING 🙂

We have an amazing opportunity (especially for urban gardeners) to volunteer at the Black Mountain Home for Children in their new, sizable garden space!  Saturday mornings we can go and play in a garden the size we dream of! With a little extra care and attention, this plot could be much more productive and the produce distributed to the Home, local food ministries, and to the volunteers who work the plot.   What a remarkable way to put our faith into action~volunteering and teaching at the same time!  Though we will not be working side by side, we are showing new generations how to create their own food and care for their bodies.

Information:  Jane Laping


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