From a guest essay in The Conservation Blog of The Nature Conservancy  by Jonathan Merritt

“Conservation was as conservative as it was liberal, which is to say, it was American.

As political tides changed, corporations became king and environmentalism lost its stylishness in the public consciousness. Popular support waned, and political parties began using the environment as a weapon to beat each other up.

Caring for creation should not be framed in a right-left dichotomy. Stewardship isn’t primarily a political, social or economic issue; it is a moral issue the people of God have been called to address. If we desire to remain true to God’s Word, Christians must redeem the cause and make it our own. We need to rediscover the scriptural basis for creation care, engage in our planet’s daunting problems and propose solutions most Christians are comfortable with.”

I read this and felt a connection to it.  I wonder, is our stewardship of the environment tied up in politics & economics?  What can we do to unravel the fabric and resew it with unity?

Write in- let’s toss this one around, I want to learn more!


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