It’s all about the….. $ ?

I have become a pest to my family.  They complain with temporary frustration that “nothing here works!”  That is because I unplug EVERYTHING possible.  (A particularly irksome item is the coffee grinder….I think it plays a role now in a tiny habitat war of Chris’ and mine).

My husband, Chris offered me 5cents one afternoon and said “here, this is to leave the lamps plugged in all month”.  He is hilarious.

It was then I realized maybe my point about it being an energy savings was misconstrued.  It isn’t all about the money.  We drain our electric grid of tiny amounts of energy with everything that is plugged into the outlet.  Multiplied by all of us.

BREAK IT DOWN:  Let’s look at one hypothetical room in one home. (Try imagining this as one of your rooms)

FAMILY ROOM… TV, DVR, DVD/VCR, Lamp (2),  Phone Charger, Stereo, Rechargeable Batteries, Vacuum in waiting (it IS pollen/shedding season)

….TOTAL: 9 items, of those items, some draw more power when not in use than others (like the DVR)

So if that is just 1 room out of say, an average of 6 rooms, let’s estimate that 30 items are probably plugged in when not in use in and average home.

Let’s continue this to estimate even more…. 30 items x 300 families in a congregation = 9,000 items sitting plugged in drawing tiny bits of power FOR NO REASON.  As you can see, it adds up rather quickly.  If Asheville has about 36,000 homes, then you can imagine the draw county wide.

So, if it is not in use, UNPLUG IT.  How lazy are we that we won’t take 3 seconds to plug something in before we use it, and unplug it after?  (I get frustrated with me for this because some lamps are plugged in very tight and convoluted locations).  Oh well.  Do your best.

Start with Phone Chargers, Hair dryers, coffee pots, Toaster, radio.  The items you use once daily or even less.

It’s NOT about the…. $.  It’s about the GRID.


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