~God’s Handiwork~

Focus:  The Kakapo of New Zealand

This wonderful creature is on the verge of extinction.  It’s nicknamed “New Zealand’s night parrot”.  It is nocturnal and can live up to 90years! They are built for hiking and climbing (without natural predators, they became flightless over thousands of years) …and apparently can growl like a dog!

I love it!  This is truly one creative version of ~God’s Handiwork~

Unfortunately, with the colonization and introduction of predators like cats & dogs, the population plummeted.

Since 2006, a Kakapo Recovery Program has been taking action to save these unique and special birds.  The numbers went from 50 Kakapo in 1995 to 120! Thanks to the recovery program, the Kakapo will delight future generations.

Here’s their link for more information: Kakapo Recovery Program

I encourage you to research these birds, they are wonderfully hilarious~ Thanks God 🙂


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