The World on Wednesday…Buzzwords and 1 x 1

Green         Fair Trade         Organic             ….Or is it?

One thing we now have to be careful of is greenwashing.  Due to the amazing consumption/consumerist machine we feed and depend upon, we have created a monster.  Companies see the $$$ in being “green” and will tell you anything to get your dollar.  Sometimes the company is making great strides in the development of green technology, in creating grants & funding research, in development of new packaging…etc.  And sometimes not.

We have a larger and larger responsibility to check into the accountability of these claims.  For example (hypothetical):  “Lead-free” is not a reason to believe a type of paint is safer and less environmentally damaging since paint is not to contain lead in the first place.  It takes time and effort to read between the spin.  So, how can it be easier?

I try and research (via the web) a brand name before I purchase it.  Here’s how it works for me– I will be thinking of my grocery list and a brand will come to mind.  I think, why do I buy this brand?  What are the ingredients?  What type of packaging is used?  Then I GOOGLE  *  .  Many times researching the company’s website helps me to decide if, when I finally make it to the store, I want to keep that brand or try a new one.  I find that research before I go is better for me since I am an “in and out” shopper, I detest taking forever in the grocery.  BONUS: sometimes they have coupons and giveaways!

So, you can use the few minutes you have riding in a car, waiting for sports practice to end, waiting for choir, standing in line, resting before bed… research your favorites one product at a time.

Here’s the tricky part— a LEVEL 3 type Green ……. it matters what the company does with its money too.  Do they support farmers? 2% or 22%? Do they invest in Fair Trade systems? Do they have their organic materials sewn in sweatshops? Do you care?  How much?  Your dollar is like a vote.  With it you are telling the company you like what they do, how they package, and what they make.

For now, if you are new to this way of thinking, take it slow.  1 x 1  : 1 product 1 of the times you are waiting each day.

Let me know how it goes!  What did you learn? What method works for you?


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