June 4, 2011.

Saturday was the first day of the BMHC Garden Project and five of us were there to tend to the nearly half-acre garden. We put in 75 tomato plants that had “volunteered” in my home garden from last year’s heirlooms. It amazes me how much can be done in a short time when things are organized. Bob and Michael dug holes for the tomatoes, Kam spread lime and fertilizer, Bob, Ann and Kam put the plants in the holes, and then Bob and Michael watered them. We followed a similar procedure for planting squash and cucumber seeds and getting the seeds into the ground went quickly.

The peas we planted a couple weeks ago are up and looking good and I put in some bamboo stakes for them. My neighbor had a broken bamboo fence that he was throwing it out so I asked if I could have it for the garden. Isn’t it wonderful how the Lord provides for our needs?

Weeds are coming up everywhere in the plowed fields, but we attacked a few of them. Bob has a neat hand plow that he ran between some of the rows (see attached photo).

Next Saturday, June 11 we will make a climbing trellis for the peas, stake the tomatoes, plant beans and whatever other seeds we still have, and attack a few more weeds.

The garden is very dry because it hasn’t rained in over a week. I hope you will pray that the Lord will bless our garden with rain.


Jane L. Laping



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