June 11, 2011.

The Lord did bless our garden with rain and most of the tomato plants survived. The peas still look good and the radishes and chard are thriving. The corn we planted a few weeks ago looks like it was eaten by mice, and the squash and cucumber seeds we planted last week have not sprouted. The weeds are doing their best to take over the entire garden, but we are not discouraged.

A new group of volunteers worked very well together again this week. We implemented the “assembly line technique” again and planted at least 30 more tomato plants, mostly where the ones we planted last week had not survived. Elaine dug the holes, Ellen put in the plants, and Howard fetched water from the creek and watered the new tomato plants. This group continued their pattern and planted 50 sweet potato “slips.” Those will be fun to harvest because you have to dig for them.

Lee brought his rototiller and turned over the area where we had planted the corn so we could reseed and try again. He said that we have until the Fourth of July to plant corn. Ann and I planted bean seeds (half-runners) in another area.

Lee also worked the space between the rows with his rototiller to turn under the weeds. It will take a major effort like that every week to keep them under control.

Next Saturday, June 18 we will stake the tomatoes and peas, plant the remaining vegetable starts that were donated, and attack a few more weeds.

— Jane Laping


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