The World On Wednesday…Transitional Ethics

Transitional Ethics

“What’s the point?”

“It’s too hard!”

“I’m too busy for that hippie stuff.”

“I’m driving everywhere anyway.”

…and you’re right.  Consider though, that our world began to evolve millennia ago with clean waters, green pastures….and it has taken thousands of years to create pollution, greenhouse gases, contaminated drinking water.  How can we expect to change everything immediately and with huge obvious results?

Think about the big picture and make an informed decision about trade-offs.  For example, it may not be wise to mortgage your home to install solar panels….. but it may be wise to drive to the store and buy heirloom seeds to feed your family and preserve the traits of said item.

Does the end justify the means— transitional ethics isn’t selling out and under-greening, its being REALISTIC.


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