June 25, 2011

It seems like God puts a miracle in every seed when that tiny particle sprouts a plant and the plant grows into something edible. This week we harvested some of those miracles: kale and radishes. Ellen handpicked the kale and I pulled radishes – much more gratifying than pulling weeds. However, we had so much rain this week that pulling the weeds was easy and didn’t seem like a chore.

We replanted the corn again this Saturday because mice got it the first time and the crows got it this week. Lee can dig the straightest furrows of anyone at the garden and Ellen can carefully place each corn seed where it should go. I guess both of them have had a lot of experience this year. Lee strung ribbons of videotape from posts on the edges of the corn plot. If a storm doesn’t blow the videotape down again, the light reflecting off the tape should keep the crows away.

Other than replanting the corn, the summer garden is pretty much planted and we are in maintenance mode. I strung a low trellis for the four rows of snow peas before I ran out of string and I put in poles for the beans that will need a string trellis too. Thanks to Faye and Michael who did a lot of hoeing and the BMHC staff who mowed close to the garden, we are managing to keep the weeds under control. One of the fields that we did not plant is a very good visual of what our garden would look like if we didn’t keep after the weeds.

We expect to harvest more kale and radishes next week but there aren’t enough to donate to the food banks, so they are free to the volunteers. Doesn’t that make you want to come?!

— Jane


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