The World on Wednesday… Who You callin’ Lazy?!

Well readers, I have written before about the changes we can make that we often do not…..because of a tad bit of laziness.  For example, unplugging things when not in use, turning off the tap while brushing teeth & washing dishes, turning off the ‘heated dry’ setting in the dishwasher…..

And now, I am a little upset….because I think all of us are being referred to as lazy…. which is totally unfair.

Allow me to explain 🙂  Remember back to November when the Greening Tip was a quiz question?  It was:  What electronic device (s) consume (s) the most power when in standby mode?

a) TV     b) multi-function printer    c)  laptop computer    d) DVR with a digital cable box

The answer: DVR & digital cable box The Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory found that, on average, a digital cable box with a DVR consumes about 43 watts when turned off but still plugged in.


According to the article, “Atop TV Sets, a Power Drain That Runs Nonstop” by Elisabeth Rosenthal (New York Times), high-definition cable boxes and high-definition DVR boxes consume $3 B I L L I O N in electricity/year in the USA– and 66% of that power consumed is wasted when no one is watching or recording shows.

“That is more power than the state of Maryland uses over 12 months.”  Really??? Think that through for a moment…..and I tell you what– when I thought that through, I felt pretty upset.

You should follow the link and read her article.

Apparently, the technology does exist (and it works) for the boxes to be more efficient.   One of the reasons it is not being used is……You and me.  One quotation form the article is “No body asked us to use less.”

Because we are happy not asking about this item, the cable companies are happy to not change anything.

I definitely want your feedback on this dear readers…..what do we do?  As for me, I want a choice.  I want a cable box that has an “off” setting, a “standby” mode and maybe even the “deep sleep” mode mentioned in the article.  Right now, we are not given a choice.  We are given an energy drain that WE PAY FOR.  I will leave you with this, from one of my favorite Calvin & Hobbes comics (10th Anniversary book)……it applies to this, mostly.  Also I just LOVE it 🙂


Calvin:  “I wish my shirt had a logo or a product on it.  A good shirt turns the wearer into a walking corporate billboard!  It says to the world “My identity is so wrapped up in what I buy that I paid the COMPANY to advertise its products!”

Hobbes:  “You’d admit that?”

Calvin:  “Oh sure.  Endorsing products is the American way to express individuality.”


Don’t be that guy readers…..let’s express our individuality by using our voice.  Let’s find a way to ask for a better system.  Write me back.



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