July 2, 2011

Simple pleasures. A golden yellow sunflower unfurling its leaves; tomato plants setting fruit; peas sending out tendrils to attach to a climbing trellis. These are the common things that happen in our garden every day that make me realize that God is always at work in our lives.

We harvested all the radishes this week and a lot of squash that must have grown overnight. There is still plenty of kale that needs picking. In the row where the radishes were growing we planted lima beans with the intention of making Brunswick stew; we already have the tomatoes, corn and okra planted. We also planted more corn to compensate for the seeds that were eaten, and put up more string for the peas and beans to climb.

We are managing to keep the weeds under control where we have planted seeds or bedding plants, but we have only planted a quarter of the space available to us. With more volunteers we could plant a larger space, but for now we need to maintain the area we have planted. The garden is producing enough for the Children’s Home to use and there is still enough left over for the volunteers, but not enough yet to donate to the food banks. Kale and squash will be ready to pick on Saturday, July 9.



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