~God’s Handiwork~


Food: Primarily an INSECTIVORE (grubs, worms, leeches, snails…)

AND it is an impressive swimmer! It lives in the low wetlands of eastern North America (from Canada down to Georgia).

So… what’ s with the nose?
The nose is unlike any other mammal nose.  It starts out as little bumps (instead of forming as an embryo) and after being born, the appendages split from the nose like a banana peel.

The specialized nose is covered in small extremely sensitive tendrils that have touch receptors.  It can identify and decide if it wants to eat something in 8 milliseconds, and consume anything edible in under 125 milliseconds (most mammals are at 230 milliseconds) Reference   It can also smell underwater! 

The fur is effective to repel water and hold in heat, which assists the mole as it swims in icy rivers and streams.  It makes 2 tunnels– one higher to forage, and one much deeper (sometimes even leads under water) for safety and escape.

The special nose makes up for the poor eyesight….what a wonderful creature to have….nosing around 😉  (Check out videos of this little guy foraging: HERE)


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