Tips & Tricks: Herb Vinegar

I have researched this project often, but have not yet dedicated clean bottles or jars to it.  This may be my time to shine…I am thinking that the flowering (bolted ;-(  ) herbs in the garden would be nice- and the flavor/odor strength from the flowering process could work with vinegar.  As for the amounts, you will find I measure by sight, taste, shape, and smell more than with tools and devices.  This is an actual recipe from a website… I have not tried it….but the process is easy and I wouldn’t be too concerned when you measure.

1 cup finely chopped mixed fresh herbs (try basil, chives, mint, parsely)

EDITOR NOTE: OR LEAVE THEM WHOLE OR CHUNKY, try chives, chive blossoms, add blueberries, lemon zest, nasturtium….you can’t go wrong if you use what you like…and try small jars if you experiment so if your product is less than what you desire, you haven’t lost much. (Since I never toss anything out, I would use it anyway)

2 cups white wine vinegar

EDITOR NOTE: try blends if you want too- white distilled alone is fine, add a touch of red wine vinegar…( I have a pomegranate red wine that would be neat with blueberry and basil I bet!)

Heat resistant jar with lid or bottle


  • Place chopped herbs in jar.
  • Heat the vinegar in a glass pot (or non-reactive pot) and then pour over the herbs.
  • Seal jar with lid and steep for three weeks.
  • While steeping, shake the jar every other day.

EDITOR NOTE: or when you remember or when you feel like it

  • After three weeks, strain out the herbs and pour the herb vinegar into a bottle.

Voila! I hope you enjoy this summer and try new ways to enjoy every season, every part of a leaf, stem, fruit and root.  Edible doesn’t just mean the choice parts- if you aren’t sure, look it up- some herbs can cause indigestion in certain seasons or amounts.

But you wouldn’t overdo– and you read my disclaimers, right?


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