The following is an excerpt from THIS ARTICLE

Please read it- it is concise and helpfully informative.

“The study was done by my colleagues at the Breast Cancer Fund and Silent Spring Institute and followed five Bay area families for a week, monitoring their urine for the breakdown products of BPA and phthalates. The families ate their regular diet at the beginning and then were provided meals midway through the study which consisted of freshly prepared food with no plastic packaging.  After just 3 days of eating this diet, there was an average reduction of over 60% in their body levels of BPA and a 50% reduction in DEHP. At the end of the study, the families returned to their normal diets which included canned food and sodas, take-out or restaurant food, and other foods, such as microwavable meals, packaged in plastic. After resuming their regular diet their BPA levels went back up.

The study is novel in that no one has ever done an experiment like this in Americans. Federal agencies such as the FDA and National Toxicology Program have stated that food is a major source of exposure to BPA and phthalates but this is the first time a dietary intervention has demonstrated actual changes in exposure.”


Do you think about BPA? Are there ways you try and use fewer plastics?  Let us know here at Creation Care~


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