Slow Food USA

SLOW FOOD USA has initiated a new challenge!  Now, I admit, my ability to commit long term is terrible…. but maybe YOURS isn’t!

The basic premise of Slow Food is: “food that is good for those who eat it, good for farmers and workers, and good for the planet.”  This challenge is created to “take back the value meal” …here’s what they have on the site:
“Why? Because slow food shouldn’t have to cost more than fast food. If you know how to cook, then teach others. If you want to learn, this is your chance. Together, we’re sending a message that too many people live in communities where it’s harder to buy fruit than Froot Loops.

I think this is a great way to begin to look at your meals in a new light.  When you work to make most of your food you will probably make it for less than $5 per person.  If a bag of rice is $3, it’s only pennies to make 4 servings from that bag…..

So, good luck– you can sign up officially through the Slow Food website link at the top of the post here….let me know how it goes!



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