Aeroponics In the Airport

Hooray for O’Hare! ….no, really– the airport has opened its Aeroponic Vegetable Garden.

The vertical garden recycles its own water and the harvest is used within the restaurants only a few feet away.  THIS is exciting.

Better air quality? YES!

Local and Slow Food? YES!

Reduction of carbon footprint? YES!

And many more– read the articles floating around the Internet, there is so much to gain from this method. The systems to go vertical are expensive- though, not so much for a corporation.  There are photos of the vertical methods in use on cubicle walls, stairways, and other surfaces.  What a nice way to cheer up a cubicle style floor plan….and increase air quality.

Here is another interesting take on the idea: TreeHugger

As usual, I feel inspired….I love the soda bottles hanging horizontally- what a cool way to incorporate reuse, recycling, and REAL life.  I think this will work for home use too- the drainage should be addressed…. let me know if you do!

P.S. I envision this being a neat deck/patio/porch idea so you can control the plants in weather.


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