Don’t miss this opportunity!

The Environmental Justice Crew is hosting and event in Sage Cafe at 7pm on Thursday October 6th with Cathrine Ann Macdougal, known as Fern Greenleaf, to speak about the monumental feat of organizing that she was involved in over the summer, and how this led her to sit in an oak tree for a month. Fern graduated WWC in May 2011, and promptly set out to peacefully protest the environmentally destructive practice of mountain top removal coal mining (MTR), by sitting in a tree that was 300ft from an active MTR site. Fern and her support network called RAMPS, Radical Action for Mountain People’s Survival, effectively halted the blasting on this mountain and drew further attention to this region and detrimental process of mining.

Thanks to Julie Lehman, an avid Creation Care participant and Director of Church and Interfaith Relations at Warren Wilson College  (among many other titles 🙂 )

Coming Up….

HEY DAY AT the WNC Nature Center October 1

Food, Biofuels, and the Environment October 5

Asheville Green Drinks   P.S. its “green socializing for sustainability”


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