The World on Wednesday

I want to thank Jane Laping for sharing the information.

The EPA Launches “Clean Air Act Where You Live”

September 23, 2011 — If you are interested in how the Clean Air Act safeguards protect public health in your state, check out EPA’s newest addition to its website.  On this webpage, you will find a map of the United States and as you click on each state, facts will appear on the benefits and costs of the Clean Air Act in your state.  We’ve just launched the site, so if your state’s information isn’t there today…don’t fret, it is coming soon. Be sure to share this information with your community. Here’s the link:

Clean Air is such a huge concept it can be easy to ignore.  If it is nice out here, and we rarely see smog, it’s easy to overlook what it can be to other states and cities.  The aspect of the site above that caught my interest today is the Cross State Air Pollution Rule.  Our air may seem clean, but what about neighboring states? AIR blends and mixes with AIR …. state line or not.  It’s funny to me to realize I had not even tried to consider that simple and obvious statement!

This has me thinking about air pollution in new ways…about the compounds made and destroyed in the chemical processes of air molecules combining and reacting.  A constant and invisible process where pollutants are changing into heavier pollutants depending on the combination…… so now I do care about South Carolina’s efforts to clean their pollution….and West Virginia’s challenges in  mining….and the air quality standards for business and industry in Atlanta.

Because…. “We all live downstream” also applies to the very air we breathe.

Teamwork. Is it possible? Do we have the energy? the number of people needed?

How do we put aside our daily tasks, lives, and stresses in order to work with our neighbors? I’m not sure of an answer….all I hear in the back of my mind is FAITH.  Trust and Faith will provide the energy and strength.  What do you think?  How do you let go and immerse in trust and faith?


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