SPOTLIGHT Green Products Web Portal

Thanks again to Jane Laping for sharing this great information!

EPA Launches Green Products Web Portal for Pollution Prevention Week September 20, 2011 —

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is observing Pollution Prevention (P2) Week (September 19-25, 2011) by launching a new tool designed to provide Americans easy access to information about everyday products like home appliances, electronics and cleaning products that can save money, prevent pollution and protect people’s health. The new green products web portal is available at

I recognized the logo for Energy Star, but most of the others were new to me.  I am encouraged to see so many different ways to address pollution…and these are here for us.  They are standards and practices with strict guidelines and requirements which can only improve over time.

I’m encouraged because I see a real honest attempt to hold companies accountable in 2 perfectly Capitalist ways: Consumer Awareness and Competition.

Consumer Awareness: The more we know and understand, the more we require (or less as the case may be 🙂 ).  As we learn about risks, pollution, energy consumption- and ultimately the costs; we demand better products.  Knowing that these standards and others are in place, we have a choice to look for these seals/logos on our purchases and to research products via these accepted websites. We can avoid products without proven testing/qualifications.  All we have to do is commit to ourselves- We deserve safe products.

Which leads us to Competition: The best way to get the energy and pollution safe materials in our hands is to compete in the market.  By offering and publicizing the “greener products”, the customer has awareness…..then more are buying with those criteria….and avoiding other products….which ultimately phases out that item/company/manufacturer OR causes them to also comply in order to remain viable in the market.

I look forward to reading and learning more about the EPA’s new tools for consumers.  How will you choose your next appliance? How will you dispose of the old one?


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