Tips & Tricks: Reader Submissions

Thanks to fellow Creation care giver, Leslie Brenegar and Good Housekeeping for these ideas….

1. “Take Leave of your Leaf Blower: Using a gas powered leaf blower for 1 hour can emit the same amount of carbon monoxide as driving a car 224 miles….and can spew ELEVEN TIMES the exhaust particles…………if you rake you can burn 300 calories or more 🙂 ”

2. “Plastic Bags: You can recycle more than plastic shopping bags in the bins provided at grocery, drug, and big-box stores. Most take any clean film made of #2 or #4 plastic, including dry cleaning, bread, and newspaper bags….AND the wraps from bulk snack and water-bottle cases…..AND from toilet paper, napkins and paper towels.  They are not able to take: salad bags, cling wrap, frozen food bags. For more info, see

3. Natural Beauty for hands and feet…. I HAVE TRIED THIS AT HOME and it is really easy and very inexpensive.  The down side is that it can be messy.

Ingredients: Kosher salt (or any coarse salt) AND/OR Raw sugar (or a little granulated) add to this a smidge of olive oil (or grapeseed oil or almond oil if you are fancy 😉 ), and you have a nice Foot (and Hand) scrub.

* this works with either salt or sugar, or with a mix of both.  I tend to use about a 1/2 cup of salt with 1/8 cup sugar….the sugar gets melt-y in the olive oil and is a really nice addition

Method: I soak my feet together in a bowl of water as hot as I can stand, then one at a time, I scoop a small handful of the salt/suagr mixture (maybe 2 Tbs.) and gently rub around the foot including the heel and even ankle. Hold your foot over the water bowl- here’s the mess- the salt can tend to splatter around so I keep a large beach towel under the whole setup and then shake it outside when I am through.….P. S. dogs love this part, so watch their proximity or they may overload on daily salt intake  🙂

TWO FOR ONE:  You exfoliate (salt/sugar) AND moisturize (olive oil) I like to follow up with a shea butter lotion (greasy- so wear old socks) ….any lotion will be nice, put on some cotton socks, and let your feet moisturize.

OPTION: leave a small amount if left by the kitchen sink for a quick hand exfoliant



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