~God’s Handiwork~

I learned about the Red-Lipped Batfish by reading the blog “Strange Animals”  I could hardly stop reading too- there are so many interesting creatures that showcase ~God’s Handiwork~!








How special is this fish?! They are found off of the Galapagos Islands and apparently do not swim very well….they use the pectoral fins to “walk” or scoot along the ocean floor.  In the picture to the right, you can see the illicium on the top of the head.  Similar to the angler fish, this appendage is used to attract prey.  The batfish is not one you would encounter while snorkeling in the Galapagos Islands– they prefer depths of around 100 feet.

Here is a link to a video: LINK    If it doesn’t work, just search for “Red-Lipped Batfish video” and several come up.

Thanks God! These fish are a trip! 🙂 Keep your eyes open for wonder all around you~


Image 1: http://fliiby.com  Image 2: thewondrous.com


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