Advent Decorating Ideas—- Go Native!

Why not use the bounty of our natural Western North Carolina landscapes to bring inside the anticipation and excitement of this special season?

There are so many different plants that work well in vases, on tables, tucked into a wreath, or even above door frames or windows.  Use matte or shiny spray paint as a fixative- clear or a color- they even make sparkly ones 😀 …often I find this to be a more cost effective and time saving solution to specific craft products.

IMPORTANT! If you have small children and/or pets, please review theses items (or any others you are new to) with the Buncombe County Extension Office or the Poison Control Center.  Some berries and leaves may cause serious trouble if ingested. Here is another list for NC

Okay- ready to get creative???

  • Decorate your tree stand: A landscape bucket would work (large enough to place the tree stand inside, or rig a different plan for watering)–spray with spray paint color of choice and attach bark to cover outside….or use twigs to create a vertical emphasis.

** You can also do this to vases or other containers**

  • Deck the Halls: or wherever…. use white pine and other evergreen pieces to create a table topper, runner on a sideboard, or if you are really handy— use heavy duty glue or a glue gun to attach pieces of greenery to a rope or chain, then wind around railings or banisters.
  • Presents! Use small leftovers of greenery with berries to tuck into a bow for gift giving

Here is a list of plants I thought of that are nice to bring in this season: (Ask before cutting!)

  • Ferns
  • Magnolia branches
  • Cotoneaster berry
  • Sumac tree leaves
  • Birch bark and branches or limb pieces
  • Lichen
  • Nandina berry
  • Pinecones
  • Smooth rocks
  • any evergreen
  • Holly branches
  • English Ivy (great way to prune this guy!)

What are your ideas? What plants do you love to use?

Happy Advent everyone!




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