Post T H A N K S giving Time

This past Thanksgiving time gave me so much to consider.

  • Our family traveled by car, but we created 85% of our food from local, fresh ingredients.
  • We all shared a bathroom, so showers were quick…. but I used shampoo instead of my baking soda hair rinse.
  • We recycled, but did not compost.

We shared our love and ideas, our values and stories…and I even convinced a member of the group to use olive oil as an eye makeup remover!  All told it was one of the best since we were all able to be in the same place.

I wonder about the constant struggle I feel as I am pulled back and forth between being more sustainable and making little effort.  I wonder if this— the transition time— is difficult for anyone else? Do you feel yourself making efforts but feeling random?

As I have moved through small and large changes toward a less consumptive/ more self-produced lifestyle; I have reached this point where some “green” changes are habits, and others seem like they were a crazy idea and I will never. get. around. to making. laundry detergent. (For example!)

There are many resources available out there (most listed in the links block) to help motivate and encourage…. however, my motivation is more in pause than in play.

I am floating on gratitude, I am heavy and pensive with Advent, and I am excited for the Christmas celebrations to begin….. where are you?

Are you on pause? What are you excited about? What sustainable choices are you proud of?

Let me know!




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