I’m behind some of the times….Don’t let it happen to YOU!

Burton Street Peace Gardens in West Asheville (I live in West) ….. .. . . I JUST read this- I had no clue this was around! I have been missing out.

Here is a link to an article written by Bridgette Meinhold for Inhabitat

What an awesome project! Start pestering your local school principles for field trips here this spring…it couldn’t be that costly to drive to West???

I am going to find it later this weekend, I will try and get some pictures to post soon!


Great Green Gifts!

I have read many, many blogs and posts about making gifts this season and keeping your purchases local.  Here are some ideas of places to scour and things to make that may save you time, money, and will keep your dollars here in our area…

Freecycle Asheville— you can post what you are looking for or what you wish to give.

Trash Inc. Asheville— same as above, but with a store front! Get creative with stocking stuffers


Other Impressive Ideas……..

  • Cookies are a welcome gift– try a different take on traditional sugar cookies with almond, cinnamon, nutmeg, and/or citrus flavorings….adding fresh spices adds lots of healthy vitamins and minerals…try to get your ingredients from local providers (eggs, butter, milk, etc.)
  • Potpurri: use stems and leaves from woody herbs, add some dried citrus slices and some essential oil….make a pouch from fabric scraps and voila!
  • Bath Salts or Scrub: I enjoy making sugar scrubs- mix up and fill a clean sterile jar (great way to reuse funny sized jars) …recipes abound on the ‘net…I use brown sugar, granulated, and raw sugar to create a soft exfoliant
  • Farm Share:Check through Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture or our Buncombe County extension office to sign up for a Community Supported Agriculture share; maybe with other family members or some friends and neighbors
  • Look for local: local jams, jellies, and honey would be a welcome gift for someone with little to no access to a farmer’s market….include a few simple ways to use each product
  • Get a Haircut: a great gift for the man or woman who has everything….a gift certificate for a simple hair or beard trim from a local small business

Stocking stuff-ing….

  • Socks. everyone needs them.  Buy some hand knit socks (or make them brave souls!), or find some made with certified organic fibers- maybe fair trade
  • Toiletries & Other Miscellaneous: if you have been wanting to switch from plastics and other chemical products, here is your chance! Give wooden toothbrushes, or tooth powder, homemade deodorant, dish cloths (hide the paper towels 😉 ), fabric sandwich bags, reusable grocery bags, decorate a plastic container and give a compost bucket 9love the reuse here)
  • Mind your beeswax: Making lip gloss is actually easy to do. There are recipes on the ‘net of course….beeswax is a great moisturizer and it supports the Bee Industry

What fun ideas do you have for stretching your dollar and keeping it local this season???