Tree Planting Party!

This event is described on the blog: THE RIVER WHISPERER if you want to learn more. Their blog also features great detailed information about species in the area.
“Come join RiverLink and the Asheville Housing Authority for a fun filled day planting trees to improve the aesthetic value and air quality of this beautiful city. The rendezvous location is at the Community Center in Hillcrest Appartments, located at 100 Atkinson Street, on Thursday, February 2nd; at 11 a.m. Planting will take place on site and last until around 3 p.m.
 No digging required thanks to the Asheville Housing Authority providing an auger to dig all the holes in advance. RiverLink is providing all tools and equipment needed for the work day; all you have to bring is a strong back and a smile.
Any questions please contact Worth McAlister, Assistant Volunteer Coordinator at or 828-252-8474 x17.”

Meeting Notes and New Goals!

PRESENT: Char Frellick, Penny Gibbs, Ann Kieffer, Jane Laping, Julie Lehman, Len Pardue, Esther Pardue, Suzy Rankin, Sally Rhoades

Esther Pardue was honored for her decade of recycling service to the church as the #1 Recycling Warrior with a sculpture made of recycled materials, car air fresheners, a recycled wine bottle filled with roses, and other gifts.

The five priorities for 2011 were reviewed: native landscaping, solar energy, community clean-ups, a recycling project, and an earth day project.  The first two were started but not completed and the last three were completed in 2011. A native landscaping policy was written and submitted to the property committee. The policy will be revisited and Esther will resubmit and follow up. Julie will get an update from the solar task group and include their work in a bulletin board story about the accomplishments of the Task Force.

Several ideas were suggested for 2012 projects and most centered on a theme of growing or food:  fair trade or free trade, eco-palms, organic lawn care, bee keeping, heirloom seeds, backyard gardening, edible landscaping, and church energy savings from replacing light bulbs.

What would you like to learn about this year?

Great Meeting~ Great Energy~ Great Friendship

The Creation Care members who were available last night (Char, Ann, Sally, Penny, Sandy, Esther, Julie, and Len) gathered at Jane Laping’s home.  We began with a review of the previous year’s goals– and were excited to realize every one had been addressed and all but 2 had been completed!

Thank you to all who help and participate in the passion for this gift- the Earth.

Keep tuned to this Journal for updates and our theme and plans for 2012! We have fun and interesting projects lined up for the coming months.

If you want to participate with this group, please let us know using the form below– take a moment to let us know what you would enjoy most….. including BUT NOT LIMITED TO community clean ups? Organizing hikes? Children’s activities?  We can find a niche that is right for you!

Creation Care Task Force to Plan for 2012

You are invited to join the Creation Care Task Force for a time of socializing and planning activities for 2012. We will meet on Monday evening, January 23, 7:00 pm at Jane Laping’s house. Refreshments will be served. E-mail for directions.

First Presbyterian was recertified as an Earth Care Congregation, because of the good work that the Task Force coordinated in 2011. Our emphasis on recycling last year resulted in information about how recycling is conducted at our church and data about what is and what is not recycled. Our great staff, most notably Angela and Penny, replaced our handmade recycling bins with larger ones but most importantly, arranged for all of our recyclables to be picked up by a recycling service. What a great relief to our recycling warrior, Esther Pardue, who would single-handedly stash all the cans and plastic bottles into her chariot and cart them to the nearest recycling center.

Please come and share your energy and ideas and honor Esther Pardue for her years of recycling service.