Creation Care Task Force to Plan for 2012

You are invited to join the Creation Care Task Force for a time of socializing and planning activities for 2012. We will meet on Monday evening, January 23, 7:00 pm at Jane Laping’s house. Refreshments will be served. E-mail for directions.

First Presbyterian was recertified as an Earth Care Congregation, because of the good work that the Task Force coordinated in 2011. Our emphasis on recycling last year resulted in information about how recycling is conducted at our church and data about what is and what is not recycled. Our great staff, most notably Angela and Penny, replaced our handmade recycling bins with larger ones but most importantly, arranged for all of our recyclables to be picked up by a recycling service. What a great relief to our recycling warrior, Esther Pardue, who would single-handedly stash all the cans and plastic bottles into her chariot and cart them to the nearest recycling center.

Please come and share your energy and ideas and honor Esther Pardue for her years of recycling service.


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