Meeting Notes and New Goals!

PRESENT: Char Frellick, Penny Gibbs, Ann Kieffer, Jane Laping, Julie Lehman, Len Pardue, Esther Pardue, Suzy Rankin, Sally Rhoades

Esther Pardue was honored for her decade of recycling service to the church as the #1 Recycling Warrior with a sculpture made of recycled materials, car air fresheners, a recycled wine bottle filled with roses, and other gifts.

The five priorities for 2011 were reviewed: native landscaping, solar energy, community clean-ups, a recycling project, and an earth day project.  The first two were started but not completed and the last three were completed in 2011. A native landscaping policy was written and submitted to the property committee. The policy will be revisited and Esther will resubmit and follow up. Julie will get an update from the solar task group and include their work in a bulletin board story about the accomplishments of the Task Force.

Several ideas were suggested for 2012 projects and most centered on a theme of growing or food:  fair trade or free trade, eco-palms, organic lawn care, bee keeping, heirloom seeds, backyard gardening, edible landscaping, and church energy savings from replacing light bulbs.

What would you like to learn about this year?


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