Tree Planting Party!

This event is described on the blog: THE RIVER WHISPERER if you want to learn more. Their blog also features great detailed information about species in the area.
“Come join RiverLink and the Asheville Housing Authority for a fun filled day planting trees to improve the aesthetic value and air quality of this beautiful city. The rendezvous location is at the Community Center in Hillcrest Appartments, located at 100 Atkinson Street, on Thursday, February 2nd; at 11 a.m. Planting will take place on site and last until around 3 p.m.
 No digging required thanks to the Asheville Housing Authority providing an auger to dig all the holes in advance. RiverLink is providing all tools and equipment needed for the work day; all you have to bring is a strong back and a smile.
Any questions please contact Worth McAlister, Assistant Volunteer Coordinator at or 828-252-8474 x17.”

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