So Many Highlights! (updated)

Many blogs out there are now turning to a “weekly wrap up” list that includes the articles, pictures, inspirations, and ideas that get the writer writing.  Today I am offering a group of links that our readers and Creation Care-ees have sent to me in the last few days.  I hope you will explore a link or two.

Earth Sabbath Celebrations include songs, inspirational readings, scripture of world religions, silent and spoken prayer, guided meditations, sharing of our joys and concerns for our work, and a ritual sending forth to do the Creation care we are called to do as people of faith. 

The Earth Sabbath is:

  • a time to step out of our daily hectic lives and into a joyful celebration of the mystery and meaning of the universe
  • a time of sharing gratitude and appreciation for the gifts of creation
  • a time of lament, hope, and honoring our interdependency
  • a time of reverence and humility for the power of nature beyond our control
  • a time for community with people caring for creation
  • a time for nurturing and supporting the vision and creativity needed for the healing of the Earth and all those traveling upon her.

Asheville: St. Mary’s Episcopal, 337 Charlotte St. MONDAY Feb. 27 at 7:00pm.


The Western North Carolina Alliance (“a grassroots environmental organization”) turns 30 this year- and will have a celebration and book release March 1. For information, read here: Verve Article


The new Lenten Calendar 2012 is here from Environmental Ministries.


Today, Butter. Tomorrow World Peace.     The article by local writer Ashley English addresses the disconnect between our food and where it came from.


RiverLink’s blog: The River Whisperer describes legislation and pollution.


2 responses

  1. I am confused about the Earth Sabbath at St. Mary’s. Feb 7 is not a Monday but a Tuesday and the link to the NCCC website says their Earth Sabbath is the fourth Monday of the month. Could the correct date be Feb 27?

    • I just saw this comment, I apologize for the late response…. I looked there too and they have the 27th. I had to do a round about check to find the prior info and no wonder it was confusing! I will update it today, Thank you Jane!!!

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