Co-Creation Conference: April 12-15

The Co-Creation Conference will be held in Greensboro, NC (April 12th-15th) featuring cutting-edge speakers and writers on contemporary Christian spirituality. This conference will be held against the background of “Sacred Space for the City: A Celebration of Arts and Spirit,” a four day festival offering outstanding concerts, art-walks, labyrinth walks and other cultural events in a unique area on the north side of downtown Greensboro, NC, calling forth and manifesting the Spirit of Co-Creation. The Co-Creation 2012 calendar of events includes nationally known speakers Brian McLaren, Diana Butler-Bass, and Paul R. Smith talking about how our faith communities can create a new collective leadership to meet the needs of our times. Workshops will be offered on the path and practice of servant leadership from faculty of The Servant Leadership of Greensboro.

FPC-member Andy Brown is planning on attending this conference and invites others to consider joining him. For more information, contact Andy Brown (


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