Unsung Hero

A decade of caring for creation has earned Esther Pardue the honor and gratitude of her like-minded colleagues in the Creation Care Task Force here at First Presbyterian Church.

At its January meeting the group recognized Esther as the #1 Recycling Warrior of the congregation. An outstanding steward of God’s earth, Esther quietly went about the task of collecting recyclables from the church recycling bins, stuffed them into garbage bags, and took them to the recycling center- many times rinsing out the garbage bags to reuse them in an additional step to conserve. She collected cans and bottles and cardboard that were not being picked up under the church’s contract with Curbie.

In honoring Esther as our #1 Recycling Warrior, members of the Task Force presented her with a hand-crafted sculpture made of recycled materials that doubled as a candle holder and a recycled wine bottle holding a bouquet of roses. And in lieu of the sour milk odors that permeated her car for these past ten years, Esther was also given several air fresheners for her car.

Now that the new contract with Curbie has expanded to include picking up all recyclables at the church, Esther has been freed of her duties and will undoubtedly put her energy toward another caring for creation task. Our congratulations and heartfelt thanks go to Esther Pardue!



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