SPROUT! April 21, 2012

April 21, 2012

Oops!  Last week seemed to fly by without me writing about the happenings at the garden.  So here’s a somewhat delayed account of our fabulous progress.

Today we were blessed to be joined by Robin from Biltmore Baptist East. Lee, who was gardening  at BMHC before Jane discovered this incredible gift of fertile farmland, was there as usual along with his church mates Taylor and Mila from Montreat Presbyterian Church.  After jumping in the creek, Spring, Taylor and Mila’s chocolate lab rescue dog, was tied and patiently waited in the parking area.

Lee decided to start rows running parallel to the creek that borders this rich bottomland.  Our 85 foot long row of peas continues to be doing well, but we are concerned about the erosion the spring rains have caused on our other rows that gradually slope downward toward the creek.

Lee brings large cardboard furniture boxes from Tyson’s in Black Mountain.  Our task is to cut them into the longest three foot strips possible.  We must cut off or remove metal staples and tape as these are not biodegradable materials.  This work can be tedious, but God reminds us that these are not natural material that can decompose over time.

Each piece of cardboard placed in rows between our planting areas will reduce weeds in our 65 or 85 feet rows and biodegrade into our garden soil in a couple of years.  We plan to cover our cardboard with wood chips that will act as mulch in dry periods and will also decompose in time adding nutrients to our garden topsoil.  This method of gardening is beautifully described in the film Back to Eden which can be viewed at  http://backtoedenfilm.com/ .

Ever heard this saying?  “Many hands make light work.”  It is truly amazing how much can be accomplished by the grace of God and ten hands in two hours!   Seven rows of cardboard, each 65 feet long, were cut and prepared.  Each piece of cardboard was covered with garden soil along the edges to help hold it in place.  This was the day that we could begin to see that the massive job of covering our garden walkways with cardboard was becoming a reality.


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