SPROUT! May 12, 2012

May 12, 2012

Today was the day the garden really started looking like we were growing food!  Lee and Susie were already at work when I arrived. Soon after that Mila and Taylor arrived with their lab, Spring, in tow.

As well as peas, we could now see the broccoli, collard, creasy greens, carrot, radish, daikon, and mixed appalachian greens seeds we had planted were alive and well.  Two long rows of Kentucky Wonder Beans planted the week before by Lee and volunteers from First Baptist of Black Mountain were poking their leafy heads through the soil!  These volunteers had also started spreading wood chips on our cardboard paths before the rain moved in.

Paul from the Black Mountain Home had brought us many donated broccoli and cabbage plants and a few beets too.  Susie weeded the peas and started thinning and transplanting the cabbage, filing in the empty spaces with the donated plants.  Taylor and Mila made a great team thinning, transplanting, and filling in with the broccoli and planting two more rows.  Faye showed up and worked on thinning and transplanting collards, as well as planting more cabbage and beets.  Lee ran the rototiller in the unplanted parts of the garden in an effort to keep ahead of the weeds that were starting to grow.  He also put in another row of cabbage at the bottom of our field before we all agreed we had more broccoli and cabbage plants than we needed.

Later Kris arrived with his two young boys.  Kris helped hoe in the newly planted rows while giving his boys their first gardening lesson. The boys enjoyed seeing the two baby goats “like memaw’s” even more.  I encouraged them to come back to see the Children’s Garden and get a closer look at those goats next time.

We ended our gardening with a prayer circle thanking God for providing us with great soil, rain, sunshine, a beautiful garden space, and all the helping hands needed to accomplish the day’s tasks.


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