A Serious Way to Make A Difference.

Shared from the original article here: Presbyterians for Earth Care

We can do it: 600 messages to EPA by 6/20. Let’s lower U.S. Carbon Emissions 

PEC has set an ambitious short-term goal: 600 by 6/20. Will you help us achieve it?

By June 20, we want 600 people from the PEC network to send a comment to the EPA, urging EPA to take a strong stand in restricting future power plant carbon dioxide emissions. All comments are due for counting by June 20.
The EPA has proposed a new carbon rule that would set carbon dioxide emission limits for new power plants. Setting a standard to reduce carbon emissions from new power plants will help slow climate change and ensure future reductions in US carbon emissions. PEC is joining the National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Programs and many other partners in urging the EPA to ensure the final carbon rule be at least as strong as the proposed rule set forth in this docket. This is the first opportunity we have had in this country to regulate greenhouse gas

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