Sprout! 7-14-12

Saturday was a great day at the Black Mountain Home for Children, Youth, and Families Garden!  The rain held off until 11:00 at the garden, and eight volunteers were able to weed and harvest a great deal.  Craig came from Montreat EPC (Christine and Delaney were sick), and Esther & Len, Bren & Quinn, Ellen, and Sandy from First Pres joined Carlson and Ann.  Ellen came all the way from Biltmore Lake even though it was pouring there, and she had flowers to arrange for Sunday morning!

Most of the la4sprout7.14.12rge patch of tomatoes, basil, eggplants, and peppers was weeded by Esther on her knees with help from Sandy and Ellen.  Len also weeded in the carrots, broccoli, cabbage and collards with his nifty Master Gardener tool that looks like a bent putter.
A total of 45 pound of collards, green beans, carrots, daikons, cucumbers, zucchini, basil, broccoli, and cabbage were harvested and given away. 

ABCCM has a new program called Our Circle that serves young parents.   Sara Varnado, who works with this program, was most happy to get squash, carrots, and our first head of cabbage to use for an Our Circle lunch.  FPC’s Hope to Home partner, Tom, has expressed interest in cooking vegetables from the garden. Betsy Andrews delivered a bag of veggies early this week.  These two donations were 13 pounds, and another 32 pounds went to MANNA Food Bank.2sprout7.14.12
Carlson and Craig cut bamboo poles to make trellises for the tomatoes.  They cut the bamboo on an angle and Craig was able to drive the stakes into the soft ground with a rubber mallet.  That was much easier than using a post hole digger.  Carlson and Ann strung twine between the poles to support the sprawling tomato plants.  Unfortu3sprout7.14.12nately the leaves are turning brown at the bottom of the plants. Master Gardener Esther suggested we might use a fungicide called Serenade that is safe and considered organic by some folks.  We hope we can save our large crop of tomatoes.

Sandy and Ellen picked the beans which are producing nicely. Bren harvested broccoli while 2-year old Quinn ate his breakfast nearby.  Len harvested our first carrots, zucchini, and head of cabbage and Craig harvested a lot of collards.  Our basil, pepper, cucumber, sweet potato, watermelon, pumpkin, and corn crops look great!  Lee’s first corn patch above the sweet potatoes is tasseling!  The wildflowers planted by Rodney of the BMHC are sprinkled across the top of that field and are lovely.
1sprout 7.14.12

Professional photographer Bren Dendy agreed to take pictures with Ann’s camera. These should help you read between the lines!



The Black Mountain Home for Children Garden continues to grow and produce.  Unfortunately our volunteers have dwindled. We accomplish much each time we work, but always leave with undone tasks for “next time.” Meanwhile weeds keep growing and pests keep chomping.  Please call Jane Laping or Ann Kieffer for directions or any questions.

Recent harvests shared with Manna have included collards, broccoli raab, basil, and daikons.  We were able to harvest a pound or so of our Kentucky wonder beans last Saturday.  More will be coming soon.  Our scarecrows have succeeded in keeping the crows out of our corn patches thus far! We are looking forward to harvesting tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, cabbage, squash, pumpkins, watermelons, and sweet potatoes, as well as corn with the grace of God.

We continue to be blessed by volunteers from here at FPCA and from different faith communities, so come on out on Saturdays from 9am—11 am and join us! Directions are online or call Ann Kieffer.