Who would have thought just 25 years ago that a marketing genius could sell Americans a product that costs more than gasoline that we could already get for free.  That’s exactly what companies have done by packaging water in plastic bottles.  Somehow they have convinced us that it is healthier – it isn’t if you live in the United States and in fact may be less so if you consider the leeching of the plastic byproducts into the water and contaminants found in 22% of bottled water.

You also may be surprised that only 13% of water bottles are recycled so once again it is more important to reduce and reuse.  In addition, in order to make these 29 Billion plastic bottles of water we drink each year, they use 17 million barrels of crude oil which is enough to power a million vehicles for a year.  This does not take into account the carbon footprint of sometimes thousands of miles in shipping.  Americans have just gotten into a bad habit that is easily breakable.

We challenge you to get a reusable metal, BPA free plastic or rubber protected glass bottle, fill it up from a faucet or fountain and take it with you.

Now that you have discovered how easy it is to fill up a reusable bottle instead of buying bottled water you have to dispose of, please pass it on to your family, friends, coworkers and sports teams.  Most people want to help the environment but they just don’t think about the consequence of their habits.

We challenge you to pass the word on in school, at practice and at the office.  Show the plastic water bottle facts and challenge your teachers, coaches/teams and coworkers to use less bottled water and more tap.


Short video to learn more:


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