April Monthly Challenge: VOLUNTARY GAS TAX

We know now that burning carbon fuels is largely responsible for global warming and that cars create a significant percentage of the CO2. The Voluntary Gas Tax is an excellent way for us to raise our awareness of the tremendous burdens we place on the planet through our excessive use of fossil fuels.  Let’s strive for simplicity in our lives and honor our God-given responsibilities as stewards of Creation!  Think what a difference we can make by being more intentional about our gas purchases not just for our cars, but also lawn equipment.


1. SAVE your receipts every time you purchase gas.

2. DECIDE how much you are willing to “tax yourself” per gallon for the sake of the planet. This can be any amount— as little as a few pennies per gallon up to any amount you are inclined.

3. MAKE YOUR CONTRIBUTION Reminders will be in our announcements in May and then quarterly in July, October, & December. Write a check to First Presbyterian earmarked “VGT” and mail or leave in the collection plate.

More information about the VGT Fund and how it will be used is coming next week!

Use the form below to contact Sally Rhoades with questions.