Just Living Monthly Challenge: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Each of us inevitably contributes to the greenhouse gas emissions that are causing climate change.  Daily activities of sheltering ourselves, commuting, eating, buying goods and services, and disposing of our trash all add up to create our carbon footprint, the total amount of greenhouse gases that we are responsible for emitting into the atmosphere each year.

If There’s Only One Thing You Can Do reduce your greenhouse gas emissions at home.  A few tips include sealing and insulating your home, maintaining your heating/plumbing equipment, turning off lights, unplugging electronics, using fluorescent lights and Energy Star appliances, and/or making a tax deductible green power donation on your electric bill.

Take Small Steps You might choose to have a more fuel efficient vehicle, use public transportation, carpool, bike or walk when possible, and purchase carbon offsets when flying. Small steps taken by many have profound effects.

Inner Simplicity  When we focus on what we really must have, we are prioritizing our lives according to the teachings of Jesus.  We can experience true abundance that comes freely by the grace of God. Taking small steps to reduce our carbon footprint helps us fulfill God’s desire for us to be good stewards of creation.  This way of living frees us to spend more time in genuine relationship with others and spiritual connection with our Creator.

Outer Simplicity The average citizen in the US produces almost 5 times the world average of carbon dioxide equivalent per year.  Our world’s most vulnerable people, those who live with inadequate food, shelter, and sources of clean, accessible water, are our brothers and sisters most adversely affected by climate change. Many people making simple changes make a big difference in the fight to slow climate change and help preserve our beautiful earth for future generations.