As part of our year of advocacy, the Creation Care Task Force is taking immediate action to stop the Keystone XL pipeline that will transport millions of barrels of tar sands oil from Canada to refineries on the Gulf Coast and then to overseas markets. Up to ten times as many greenhouse gases are produced from developing and burning oil from tar sands as from conventional oil. Without the Keystone pipeline, it would not be economical for the tar sands industry to expand. Protect God’s creation and let your voice be heard.  Submit your comments to the Presidential Permit Applications on  The public comment period for this northern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline ends on March 7, 2014. Six resources to help you write and send your comments are listed below.

1. Sign a letter to President Obama from a faith-based perspective asking him to reject the Keystone pipeline and lead a global clean energy revolution.

2. Send comments to President Obama and the State Department in a short and direct request stating that the evidence supports rejecting the Keystone pipeline

3. Alberta Tar Sands Video (15 min) documents the destructive effects of mining for tar sands on the Canadian Boreal Forest in Alberta.


4. Keystone protest vigil (60 minutes) Held at First Presbyterian Church, this video is a recording of the speeches and songs heard by the 150 who attended the quickly put-together event on February 3, 2014.


5. Sample letter from

President Obama said that Keystone XL would not be in our national interest if it significantly impacted the climate. The evidence is in: an 830,000 barrel per day pipeline will allow big oil to dig up, refine and burn more tar sands than they could with any other available options. We can either have Keystone XL, or a safe and livable climate — ‘all of the above’ is not an option, and the President must reject the pipeline.


6. Sample letter from Interfaith Power and Light:


Dear President Obama,
We were gratified to hear your concern about climate change as expressed so eloquently in your inaugural address and State of the Union. As people of faith, we share your conviction that we are commanded by God to care for our planet and that the failure to respond to the threat of climate change would betray our children and future generations. It is in agreement with those statements that we, representing the broad and diverse faith groups who support you, write to share our concern over the proposed Keystone tar sands pipeline.

Tar sands oil is extracted in a resource-intensive process that destroys the boreal forests of Canada and emits three times the carbon pollution as conventional oil. Building this pipeline would facilitate the production of billions more gallons of tar sands oil, and poses an unnecessary risk to the communities along the nearly 1,000 miles through which the pipeline would pass.

According to the National Climate Assessment report, produced by thirteen federal agencies to advise the Administration and Congress in policy making, climate change will have severe impacts on ecosystems, infrastructure, and human health if we continue on the current path of heavy fossil fuel consumption. Numerous other studies produced by agencies from the National Academy of Sciences to the Pentagon, have found that global climate change represents an environmental and security threat to our nation.

The state department is charged with approving or denying the permit to build a pipeline based on whether it is in our national interest. According to your Administration’s research as referenced above, it is not.

Therefore, we urge you to reject the proposed Keystone Pipeline and instead commit our nation to leading the global clean energy revolution. As you have said, we must not cede this leadership to other nations. Let this moment be a turning point in American history, when we reject the polluting and dangerous energy sources of the past and move decisively toward a bright and prosperous future. Let this be your lasting legacy.

We pray for you as you make your decision and ask that you consider our children’s future, our climate, and all of God’s Creation.