Journal Entries


We have several categories that are recurring articles, such as SPROUT!, God’s Handiwork, and SPOTLIGHT.  Below is a brief summary of some of our current recurring articles….Enjoy!


~God’s Handiwork~  This section is a special way to highlight some of the organisms we are learning about in Creation Care research.  Be sure to check these out, and show your children- they will love the pictures and fun facts!

SPOTLIGHT is an opportunity to read an article or quotation from someone currently working in the environmental sciences (or other related fields) and to discuss it together in order to learn and expand our ideas.

SPROUT!   Churches in the Presbytery of Western North Carolina (WNC) participated in a new Black Mountain Home for Children Garden Project that started on June 4, 2011. The Home sits on 135 acres of former farmland and has a large area of fertile soil drained by an adjacent stream.  This project will provide assistance to the Home, increase WNC congregation’s “sustainability skills” through gardening experience, and serve our neighbors in need through donations to local food banks.

We welcome your input and learning experiences through our COMMENTS and you may EMAIL us anytime.  Thank you for reading and participating in this journal as we continue our journey….


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